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ACS Partnerships aims to increase collaboration, share expertise and good practice, widen educational opportunities and raise standards in key subjects.

By working together we can raise the standards of teaching and learning through innovative, relevant and accessible initiatives, filling the gaps in mainstream services that have a positive impact on the education of the children in all partnership schools.


Thorpe Park

4th October 2022

We have taken over the entire park for the day to celebrate STEAM education with our wider community.  There are 10,000 free tickets available for state school students in the UK.

We launched the tickets at 9am on Monday 9th May.  All tickets were booked within the hour.  If you would like to attend please do email to be added to the waiting list.

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Educational activities throughout the park

Throughout the park we will station educational STEAM related activities from partner organisations.  Students can take part in these activities, see exhibits and watch shows.  Partner organisations include The Royal Philharmonic, the RAF, Satro, Vex Robotics, Science Made Simple and much more.

Thorpe Park facilities and rides

All the park rides, restaurants and other facilities will be open as normal, just for us.  The difference is that participants will only be allowed on the rides if they can produce evidence of learning from either the pre-event activities online (September), or from live activities on the day.


Gamifying education at the event

Whilst Thorpe Park is a fun exciting day out, we want to make sure that the event is highly educational too.  Students will therefore only be able to access the rollercoasters and larger rides by showing evidence of learning collected from our various partner organisations at the park.

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Capture Learning

All activities will be listed alongside their national curriculum topic coverage, allowing teachers to show evidence of learning which is specific to the taught curriculum.  Don't miss a day in school to come to our event - this is school.


Educational Programme

Fun, Free and Educational

We have partnered with industry, charities and universities to bring the participants the most exciting and educational experiences.  Once you have secured your park ticket for the day, you can plan your trip and book tickets for many of the attractions.  No queueing - an allocated timeslot for your students. We will open an Eventbrite booking site in September for individual activity bookings.


Titan the Robot

Titan is a huge 10 foot tall and 4 foot wide robot.  He will come out and perform 3 times in the day.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

The RPO will be at our front gate playing us in and will be offering activities in the park for our visitors.

The Royal Air Force

The RAF have kindly agreed to bring a Chinook and a Puma Helicopter, as well as their flight crew for the day.

Science Made simple Shows

A team of Science presenters will be running shows all day across two indoor venues in the park.


Vex Robotics

A team will assist your students in making robots and testing them out in our 'Test Zone'

Satro Village

A whole zone dedicated to Satro and their wonderful activities in STEM, construction and employability.

The Big Bugzy Build

A select group of students will have the opportunity to work on a motorised device for children with disabilities - which will be donated to a family at the end of the day.

Film competition

Students will be given a chance to hone their filming and editing techniques in this fun competition.  Support for teachers from INTOFILM prior to event and post event.

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The Living Library

During the day there will be an opportunity to chat to many of the adults attending on the day in our 'living library' and investigate their careers and how they got there.

Intel Computer Science

Intel will offer a series of fun workshops on Ai, Machine Learning and other fun  activities based around computer science.

Super Sonic Car

We will have the team from The Bloodhound Supersonic car exhibiting and running activities on the day for groups of students.

Science Busking

Students will be prepared prior to the event by Science Made simple staff.  They will then perform on the day.

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The Gravity team will blast off and show us how they have created jet powered human travel.

iDEA will be offering all students the opportunity to be 'badged' during the event.  They can then continue to learn on their platform for free.

Mercedes F1

The Mercedes team have agreed to bring their show car and some of their representatives to the event.

The Zoo Lab

Snakes, Frogs, Rats, Snails - The Zoo Lab will be there on the day to introduce students to their friends.


The Petting Zoo

We will have horses, donkeys, ducks, rabbit and a whole host of other animals there on the day.  Students can get up close and feed/pet them.

Bloodhound Teacher Training

The Bloodhound Team will be offering teacher training all day on their Bloodhound activity.


FTYFLY will be bringing their hi-tech equipment which is used by professional teams to enhance skills. 

The Emergency Services

The Police, Ambulance and Fire Service will be there on the day with their equipment and vehicles.


Endeavour Steam Engine

A real Steam Engine - Endeavour will be on site all day.  Get on board and pull the whistle.

LEGO Workshops

A series of LEGO workshops will be available throughout the day.


Baylab will be there with their massive inflatable heart!  Students will be able to make up vials of blood (using tik-tacs and Haribo)


The amazing team from UCL will be there all day running workshops from their GeoBus


Land Rover and Jaguar

Jaguar/Land Rover will be there for the day with several of their vehicles and staff from a variety or roles in the car industry.

Braintastic Shows and Workshops

Some amazing shows from the Braintastic company.  These will be running all day.

Noisy Toys

Lots of ways of making noise - exploring the scientific world of sound.

TED Talks - The Science of Rollercoasters

The Thorpe Team will present short 15 minute TED talks for older children on the theme of Rollercoaster science.


...and much more...

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Click the link below to access our documents to support your trip. 

Please do ask if something is missing and we will add it to the list.



We have partnered with 'Into Film' to offer participating students an opportunity to enter a film competition on the day.

Digital Accreditation

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (known as iDEA) is an international, award winning programme that helps you and your students to develop digital and enterprise skills.

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Showcase your achievements for free regardless of your age or the stage you are at.

Badges are created with industry experts and innovative employers.


iDEA has a huge range of badges to choose from, get started with our STEAM2022 badge and start your journey collecting many more.

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